Addressing the Trending Attack of ‘Christian Privilege’ — 1 Comment

  1. I understand that with limited space you may not have time to address all angles. Still I have to point out that this article is deeply flawed in labeling backlash as persecution without addressing other reasons. I don’t agree with holding white Christians responsible for what white Christians did to my people hundreds of years ago. I and many others in and out of the church are bothered by what many white Christians do TODAY. If you hold up villains and make them heroes…such as the case of white slaveholding forefathers, segregationists, offensive leaders…in order to protect your way of life and legacy, the attacks are calling out your hypocrisy not your righteousness. Powerless Christians in Pakistan are persecuted. White American Christians that fight to defend those who deeply hurt black and brown people, all while having no grace or mercy on those same people when they do wrong…that’s judgment. This is a huge and deep distinction.

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