As Christians we are all called to defend the faith! It is not a spiritual gift bestowed on a select few Christians, it’s a gift for all of us to use every single day. Christian Defenders are also known as Apologists or Case Makers.

What does Apologetics mean?

The word apologetics comes from the greek word Apologia, which translates to “speaking in defense.” And since there are 80 verses in the Bible that are about defending the faith, it’s clear that it’s an important part of the christian life.

What areas do Apologetics cover?

It’s a large field but don’t worry because it would be nearly impossible for every Christian Defender to learn everything about Apologetics. Most scholars take on just a few areas of interest because there is only so much you can cover. Some examples of Apologetic areas of interest are listed below:

1) Various areas of science

2) History

3) Archaeology

4) Philosophy

5) Comparative Religion

6) Theology

God has given us the incredible gift of free will and we have chosen Him because of the evidence around us and the personal relationship we have with Him. God has also given us visual evidence to use to edify the church and to present it to unbelievers. As Christians it is our duty to stand up for the hope we have in the Christ.